Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Woman's Touch

Company EEOC programs often warn against hugging and touching your coworkers because you may not be able to read when it is or is not ok. A study published in the April issue of Psychological Science indicated another reason men may not want a woman’s touch in the office and it’s not why you think. The study examined the financial risk taking behave of men who received a handshake, a pat of the back or no contact from a woman before entering a meeting where they were going to make financial decisions. Results indicated that those men who received pats of the back or a pat on the back were willing to risk more financially (and reported feeling more secure) than me who received handshakes. While those who received handshakes still took more risks than men who did not receive contact. A control group with men delivering the touch did not illustrate any significant different than the non touch group. So men, be aware of another’s touch before you make a big decision.

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