Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does your email really say what you mean?

A new download from Microsoft called ToneCheck will scan outgoing email messages and flags wording that could be interpreted as harsh, angry of offensive. It will flag obvious swear words but will also detect aggressive statements or starting too many sentences with “you”.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

TWO TEN Hosts Leadership Panel

LuAnn Via
 Two Ten offers Financial Assistance, Counseling, Community Resources and Scholarships to those working in the footwear industry. They are committed to strengthening the footwear community with financial, social and educational support and services while nurturing community building and volunteerism. On October 14, 2010 Two Ten hosted a Leadership Town Hall in NYC for emerging leaders in the footwear industry. This remarkable panel included 5 footwear presidents (LuAnn Via of Payless Shoe Source; Scott Savitz of; Mike Shirley of Nina footwear; Jim Salzano of Clarks Companies; Jay Piccola of Puma) and leadership expert Dr. Ann Beatty.

Jay Piccola
 The 90 minute town hall was a smooth flowing conversation between the audience of emerging leaders like the young leadership director, Alison Muskat of Deer Stags and the comfortably seating panel. The panelists were questioned about key leadership traits, techniques used during the economic crisis, ethical leadership, and recommendations for future leader. The panelist all agreed that one of the keys to success in any leadership position is communication. Each panelist discussed different approaches within their organizations including town hall meetings, newsletters and informal walk throughs. However, the most surprising element of the panel for me came at the end of the discussion when the panelists were asked to give future leaders recommendations. Almost all of the panelists recommended in some way that future leaders live a more balanced life than the panelists currently were. They almost all said they wish they would spend more time with friends and family and feel this would ultimately increase they work performance. In response to questions regarding the economic crisis and up holding integrity within their organizations and the industry LuAnn Via said it best…”you need to model and live what you are telling people. Honesty and integrity are one thing on paper but another in action.”

This is just an idea of the interesting conversation that took place in NYC on Oct. 14th. Two Ten continues to bring footwear leaders – join in the fun at

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cleaning the Web- Air

The economy is slowly coming around and you are out there applying for jobs. The key to getting a job may be in your past or what’s not there. Almost 80% of recruiters surveyed in a recent Microsoft study checkout out applicants online, and 70% of those eliminated candidates based on what they found. Before you apply to that new position google yourself. If you find junk in orbit look into one of these companies working to clean the air. These companies can tell you what’s out there (for your entire family), push positive info to the top of searches and even delete information you don’t want floating around.

Reputation Defender, Naymz, Schakra, Brand-yourself