Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Online Consulting in the Digital Age

Technology is developing faster than we can keep up. Unfortunately, that also means it is growing faster than regulators can make policies. Journalist Amy Schatz, who covers tech policy and the FCC for The Wall Street Journal reported that congress will be meeting in June to discuss communication laws that were last examined in 1996 and were created back when the internet didn’t even exist. The challenge is to create policies and laws that will be flexible enough for changing technology but detailed enough to enforce privacy on the web.

However the opportunity currently exists for practitioners to speak their voice about their concerns regarding client information and telepsychology. We need to ensure that confidentiality and informed consent are critical in providing telepsychology services. If you don’t think this is relevant to your business today…it will be!

The Ohio Psychological Association was the first state to issue telepsychology guidelines for its members. Check them out at

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