Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just a thought about education...In the current economy more and more people are turning back to education to get a step ahead in the work force. After meeting with the Senior Associate Dean & Director of Executive Programs at one of the top ten universities in the nation I learned that MBA enrollment has doubled as well as EMBA enrollment.

So what do you think? Will more education get you promoted? If too many people have advanced degrees will it widen the economic gap?

Another trend that we see is an increase in certificate programs. Do you think Leadership or Human Resource certificates will help individuals in organizations?

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Marie said...

Psych Girl: Getting more education at this point would not be cost effective for me. I Priced it out a few years ago. It would likely cost me $40- $60K to get a MBA or MPH, the only two degrees that would help me advance in my current field. To go back and get an RN and then a MSN would be less, but far more tedious. I have about 10-15 years left in my career. It would likely take me 5 + years to accomplish any of those degrees. While maintaining something close to my current life. The unfortunate part of this is that Hospital management is so poorly paid that I can stay in my current job, work 1-2 OT shifts a month and make more than all of my bosses annually. With far less effot, less stress and ON MY TERMS.
So cost vs reward, no reason to return to school.... besides< I have the opportunity to do 90% of the things I would like to accomplish as a boss anyway...I am pushy that way, and been at my job long enough to have some influence >