Saturday, March 27, 2010

Get Yourself Out There

How many times have you been asked “so how are things going?” and you give a general response like “good”? This could be a bigger mistake than you think. In the current economy getting your ideas and accomplishments out there may be your ticket upward. Take the time while brushing your teeth, driving into work/school and think about you elevator pitch. Practice what you would tell someone you just met about your current research, findings, projects or accomplishments to catch their attention. Most importantly you need to let them know why your work is important. Focus on how your work/research is going to solve some problem. Know where you want your work/research to go. Be clear about your interest in using your research to find a job, work with a new client or get a grant. Be excited about your own work but try not to use too much “smart jargon”. Be clear and concise. Go sell it!

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