Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old Disseration Ideas

The Influence of Servant Leadership on organizational citizenship behaviors, commitment and job satisfaction: A Longitudinal Investigation

Abstract: This study examined the relationship between servant-leadership and employee job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship behaviors. Utilizing a mixed methods approach to the study, three survey instruments were administered to the participants. The instruments measured servant leadership as perceived by non-supervisory employees, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and other rated organizational citizenship behaviors. Demographic data for gender, age, education, and years in the organization were variables utilized in the analysis of the response data. Quantitative methods were applied to obtain statistical measurements of the response data. Qualitative data were obtained via in-depth interviews with the participants who ascertained that their supervisors demonstrated servant-leadership characteristics.
Research Question:

Q1: How do employee’s perceptions of their leader effect their organizational citizenship behaviors, commitment and job satisfaction?

Q2: Do servant leaders predict the variability of employees OCBs, commitment and job satisfaction?

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