Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Maintain Trust...

As a graduate student one of the main trends you see in the life cycle literature it that organizations that conduct layoffs ultimately die. In our current economy this is just NOT the case. Layoffs and downsizing have become expected proceedures in business.

It is not ever easy to conduct layoffs or deal with the aftermath. Check out Dr. Pam Franta's free webinar that address just this issue. She shares an approach to restructuring that conveys compassion for those affected, minimizes fear for those still onboard, and fosters renewed trust and commitment among employees moving forward.
  1. Specifically, you will discover proactive strategies on how to:
  2. Prepare those affected with an innovative process to help optimize future employment opportunities
  3. Manage anxiety by keeping interactions with remaining employees positive
    Incorporate two‐way communication to regain commitment and trust for the future.


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