Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Women and Work

I personally have difficulty with this topic. I am not currently a mom but hope to be one someday. However, I love my job, I love going to work and I care about work as a measure of my personal worth and success. Balancing children and work seems almost impossible without help and even at that (as a psychologist) I want to be the one adding in the development of my children not someone else. So, recent research from the University of North Carolina concerned me even more. Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 69 studies and found that going back to work within a child’s first year can lead to behavioral problems and lower academic performance later in life. However, mom’s that went back to full time work after three years had children with academic excellence and decreased performance problems (income level does effect this too). Unfortunately, I don’t live in Spain where maternity leave can last as long as you need…so how do woman do this.

Anticipated work-family conflict: effects of gender, self-efficacy, and family background.: An article from: Career Development Quarterly

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