Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Work-Family Conflict

A recent study conducted at the University of Washington and presented at the APA 2010 Convention in San Diego examined men’s role in the household. Past research in this area has illustrated that women tend to take on more household responsibilities even when they are working full time. The current study examined the impact of traditional vs. modern male perspectives on work – family conflict. Results indicated that men with a traditional perspective spent more time at work and allowed work to interfere with family. Men with modern perspectives spent 20 plus hours caring for others at home and reported significantly less work – family conflict even while controlling for job performance.


Organizations need to be respectful of MENS needs and stop asking them to skip paternity leave or work on weekends. Furthermore, men need to change their own perspectives and attitudes about other men. Finally, men who hold traditional perspectives of the male role should attempt to alter this attitude to decrease work-family conflict while maintaining job performance.

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