Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Asset-Based Thinking

When faced with a problem how do you tackle it? Do you identify what is wrong, vent about why it is bad and try to generate solution to fix it? This is the technique that most people use to problem solve. However, Kathryn Cramer, PhD and Hank Wasiak offer a different approach in their book Change the Way You See Everything Through Asset-Based Thinking.

Cramer and Wasiak discuss the optimization of focusing on individuals, teams and organizational strengths or assets to problem solve. Stop for a second and visualize a problem you are having. Now identify the worst part of the problem at #1 and continue to identify the best outcome or asset up to #5. Now, how will you minimize #1 and optimize #5? They suggest that individuals, teams and organizations can actually concur more problems if they focus on optimizing strengths instead of venting deficiencies.

The second aspect of asset-based thinking is based on DESIRE. Cramer and Wasiak discuss the longevity of desires. Recent research has illustrated that fear only provokes change for approximately 90 days while desire can evoke lasting change. Help your employees identify their desires by asking them what they want to happen?, How will they get there?, and Why is this important to them? Help they work toward their desires through your team’s or organizational goals.

Start building off your assets TODAY!

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Hank said...

Great advice and thanks for being an Asset-Based Thinking advocate. Making desire and determination more important than anxiety and fear is very important and yields amazing benefits. Thanks for being part of the positive ABT conspiracy.

Hank Wasiak