Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dissertation Process

I have finalized my idea which I may share later....Wrote up my proposal...and now going through the dreadful process of dealing with a professor that has too many other priorities. Ahhhhh! Who out there shares my frustrations? When I have a client at work or a project at work it never takes this long to get feedback (more like 5 minutes instead of 2 months). I just can't wait to have that PhD and be done with this silly journey.


Richard N. Landers said...

I'm not sure what field you think you're going into, but designing, evaluating, and writing about research is a pretty large chunk of what most I/O psychologists with Ph.D.s do. It just gets worse, really. And you're never again allowed to make any mistakes. Enjoy it while you can. :)

Org. Psych Girl said...

Thanks for the insight. I do love designing, evaluating and writing but luckly I will be going into the applied side. However, I will try to enjoy every moments as recommended! Good luck with your research and teaching.